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Hi! If you landed on this page then you are looking to improve your high performing staff’s mental wellness and your business’s fitness. I can help you with that!

Why you should care about how your staff eats: Good nutrition helps us to be more resilient to the stress in our lives. When we are eating in a way that supplies us all the nutrients that we need for a well functioning nervous system, balanced hormones and “happy chemicals”, we are able to cope better with all that life throws at us. And let’s be fair, a relaxed and calm team member is much more of a joy to have around in the workplace!

But it does not end there. Mental stress, whether it comes from work or personal life, reduces your staff’s productivity. It can cause absenteeism, but also when present at work, productivity is lowered. Improving eating habits does not only improve your staff’s personal health and mental well being, it also greatly benefits your company.

How you can help your staff and business: First things first; knowledge is power! When people realize how their eating habits affect their mental well being, they can take action. Your staff needs to gain an understanding of why and how changing their way of eating can help decrease stress levels.

But I hear you if you think that knowing is not always doing! From my experience with 1:1 nutrition coaching, I realize that knowledge is not always enough to form new eating habits. That’s why your staff probably needs some encouragement to actually put that knowledge into practice. Letting them participate in a company/department wide competitive “challenge” is a fun way of getting them started with healthier eating habits.

What I offer you and your staff:

  • An hour long interactive presentation/workshop on the role of nutrition in mental well being, including the opportunity to reflect on your/their own current diet and what needs to change to improve this.
  • Practical steps to take towards changing eating habits.
  • Week long competitive (online) challenge to help with making a start with implementing a healthier way of eating.
  • Opportunity for all staff to ask questions on an online communication platform during the challenge.
  • Daily encouragement and recipe ideas when needed to keep everyone going.
  • Bestselling cooking book “Flavour”, by Yotam Ottolenghi, as prize for the winner of the challenge.

Does your staff and company need this? Let’s chat! Call Sanne on 021 0250 7234 to discuss your specific needs or reach out via the form below:

What people say:

“Just wanted to say thanks again for the session last week. SO much conversation was generated afterwards and you really inspired people to think a little more seriously about what they put in their mouths… I just wanted you to know that you had a really positive impact on the team.”

– Kylie

“Thank you Sanne for the inspiration. I added more varieties of veggies to my diet and stopped drinking squeezed fruit juices. My digestion has improved and I feel more energetic and happy about myself. I have managed to keep my iron levels up so far.”

– Nipunika, 6 weeks after the challenge

“I am now trying to be more conscious of including a variety in the diet and not just the same stuff every day. Thank you for sharing those tips with us. I am sure we have all benefited from it.”

– Surya
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