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PCOS & Weight Management Coaching for Women

Feel empowered to manage your PCOS symptoms or get to your happy weight with habit-based nutrition coaching.

Do you feel like it is a constant struggle to settle at a weight that you feel best at? Are you overwhelmed by the diet advice to manage your PCOS? I get it if you say you are tired of restricting food groups, strict meal plans and the mental exhaustion that comes with dieting…

But your weight management and health journey does not have to take up all your mind space or keep you from enjoying food or social occasions! Instead, you can (re)gain a positive relationship with food while working towards better health and your optimum weight through habit-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Independent nutritionist Sanne Morgan (GradDipScTech Human Nutrition, Massey University) helps you to find YOUR way to improve your health, find your happy weight and transform your relationship with food. Improve your eating habits and stay on track with coaching, you’ve got this girl!

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