Welcome to Coast Nutrition

Welcome to Coast Nutrition

Habit-based Nutrition Coaching

Hi, welcome!

If you landed on this page then you are looking for a way to feel great again, without the mental exhaustion that comes with restrictive and rigid dieting.

I am so glad you found me! Get excited to become the healthiest you can be, physically and mentally, without the diet overwhelm.

Eating should not be the least distressing or cost you a lot of precious mind space. You should be able to enjoy the same meals as your family and you deserve to enjoy social occasions and the food that you like, without a side of guilt and worry. Sure, to improve your health or reduce your risk on for example T2 diabetes or heart disease, you may benefit from some dietary tweaks, but food and eating should not take up all your mind space. If you are ready to let go of rigid dieting and unsustainable meal plans, but are unsure how to get to your health goals instead, then I am here for you!

How do we get there?

My step-by-step Nutrition Coaching program is designed to help you to feel your best, mentally and physically, without unsustainable food rules, temporary meal plans and calorie counting. Restrictions and meal plans are not maintainable long term for most people and therefor don’t lead to long term results. It’s more likely to cost you your normal relationship with food by making you feel bad when you fall off the bandwagon, feel awkward at social occasions or when you feel like you need to sneak your favorite food in.

Let’s not head that direction! Instead, to change your eating habits permanently, you have to work on the behaviour that lies underneath and make changes that fit into your life. We’ll look at your current eating habits and how we can tweak them in a way that feels good to you and you can keep up long after you finish this program.

This eight week (online) nutrition program helps you to identify exactly how to nourish your body well when there is no nutrition coach, meal plan or calorie tracker in sight. It is based on three main pillars:

  1. Learning how to get all the nutrients in by eating nutritious meals that make you feel satisfied and fuel your body appropriately. The foods that you are already used to and that you enjoy can most likely be the basis that we’ll expand on. You will not receive a strict meal plan to follow, but we’ll discuss how to tweak your current meals to achieve this in a maintainable way.
  2. Understanding your body’s signals of what appropriate portion sizes are for you, without having to rely on measuring out food or counting calories and points. I don’t want you to waste time on that!
  3. Addressing snacking behaviour and emotional eating if this seems to stand in the way of your health goals. Cutting out all your “fun foods” is not realistic for the rest of your life, but learning how to eat them without going overboard, is helpful in improving your health long term.

What to expect:

During your first appointment (60-90 minutes) we discuss your current eating and lifestyle habits and what keeps you from achieving your goals. We’ll discuss ways of how we can turn these habits around and make a step-by-step action plan that you’ll execute over the course of 8 weeks. We make sure that any changes fit into your life and that you can still enjoy the foods that you like most to make a sustainable change. You’ll receive a written summary with practical recommendations so that you can take immediate actionable steps.

Knowing is not always doing and you’ll most likely need accountability until new habits settle in and become natural to you. To coach you through your eating and lifestyle changes we’ll meet (online) fortnightly (30-45 minutes), with a “check-in” phone call (10-15 minutes) in between to keep you on track. This also gives the opportunity to discuss unexpected barriers that you’ll need a strategy for to prevent relapse so that you keep making progress.

8 weeks online accountability & guidance Nutrition Program: Initial consultation (60-90 minutes), written summary and action plan, three follow-up sessions (30-45 minutes) scheduled fortnightly with accountability phone calls (10-15 minutes) in between.

Investment: $649,-

As I am registered with the Nutrition Society New Zealand as an associate, you may be able to (partially) claim fees back from your insurance. Please check your own policy.

Is this right for you? The answer is “YES!”, if:

  • You feel done with wasting your time and energy on restrictive and rigid diets and meal plans that don’t lead to sustainable results
  • You want to break excessive snacking habits, but need guidance in how to achieve this permanently
  • You don’t want to spend more mind space on dreading to eat the foods you love and want to learn how to incorporate them in your life without it standing in the way of your health goals
  • You do not want to eat anymore what you think you should be eating, but want to learn how to eat what you truly enjoy and fits into your real life, in a way that helps you to achieve your health goals.
  • You can find yourself in a step-by-step approach to break old habits permanently.
  • You are open to a non-scale approach and instead are keen to focus on how you physically and mentally FEEL.
  • You are open to look beyond your eating habits and are prepared to look into other aspects in your life that may inhibit you from achieving better health, e.g. sleep routine or better stress management.

Get started ↓

Still scrolling? Let’s chat to see whether we would be a good fit to work together on your nutrition and health goals. Leave your details below to book in your FREE 15 minutes discovery call to discuss whether this is right for you.

“I feel equipped and empowered to make sustainable and realistic changes to my nutrition and lifestyle. Sanne offers a completely new way of thinking about nutrition and its relationship to wellbeing. Her approach offers long term solutions and not a quick fix. I would highly recommend her.”

– Vanessa G.

“I found Sanne to be supportive and down to earth. There was no crazy diet plan, more a practical approach to eating. The biggest plus was coming away with strategies for me to deal with emotional eating.”

– Campbell

“Sanne has been very helpful and informative for me in my health and nutrition journey, I now have the knowledge / habits and tools to achieve my goals and would recommend her to anyone!”

– Daniel

“I highly recommend Sanne. She is really knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. She gave me lots of practical tips I could implement straight away, all explained clearly. After just one hour I learned so much, thank you again!”

– E.C.