The type of food your child eats influences his/hers growth and development. This is true for both physical and mental development. During consultation sessions we explore answers to your questions around your child’s eating pattern, current habits and, if this is found beneficial, how to adjust these in a way that works for you and your child.

Food Explorers Program

The Food Explorers program is designed to help children (age 3-8 years old) eat a wider variety of healthy foods and show them that food is their friend. The program takes place in your own home (Hibiscus Coast only). The first consultation consists of determining what types of food are lacking in your child’s diet and on which foods you would like to focus from a family diet perspective. We’ll discuss the basics around how a for a child encouraging eating environment looks and feels like and how the current eating environment could be adjusted to stimulate more positive eating behaviour. In subsequent six weeks we meet weekly to have a Food Explorers session with your child. If there are others present in the household (e.g. your partner or siblings) it is important that they too participate in the session with a positive and engaged attitude to minimize distractions and maximize motivation and engagement. The sessions are play based and include also non food related games. These games serve as a “warm-up” for the sessions to get used to sensory input and exercising the oral related muscles without the pressure of eating food. After this fun warm-up we move towards games that involve food introduction. The types of food to work with have been determined in agreement with you following the first consultation and you’ll be asked to have these prepared before the start of a session. This introduction of food is a step-by-step approach with the ultimate goal swallowing the food and eating it with joy. This is a process that takes time and commitment outside these sessions as well. Therefor it is important to start this program with your child in a time that you are not going through other major life style changes yourself like moving house or changing jobs. The Food Explorers Program is only suitable for children without physical or mental disabilities or limitations.

Consultation fees:

  • Initial consultation (1 to 1½ hour): $179,-
  • Follow up consultation (45 minutes): $89,-
  • Food Explorers Program (initial consultation + 6 weekly sessions of about 1 hour): $549,-

Book a consultation online here (no payment required at booking). If you can’t or prefer not to come to a consultation in person you can also book a video consultation via Skype or we can meet in Coast Nutrition’s online meeting room via Whereby or Zoom.

Not sure whether this is for you and your family? Let’s chat! Call me on 021 0250 7234. I’m looking forward to hear from you, Sanne

Download this free resource with 10 tips on how you can help your child to eat:

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