Will you give me a meal-plan to follow?

In my experience meal plans work only temporarily. Most often after clients have followed a generic meal plan or when their life gets busy, they relapse into old habits what may even result in being further away from their health goals than ever before. Besides this, meal plans generally make you feel deprived from your favorite foods what eventually backfires and can cause overeating of “forbidden” foods over time. They also don’t take in account the many other factors that keep you from reaching your goals. My approach is based on changing habits for long lasting results, not temporarily improving health or losing weight to be back at square one after a few months. Of course I can give you recipes and ideas, but this will be tailored to your personal likes and dislikes without a strict daily meal plan. Instead of following a meal-plan we’ll be working on changing your current diet and habits in a step-by-step manner while tackling your personal barriers for change to achieve results that last. Most likely this also involves other lifestyle factors and changing your mindset around food.

Will you measure and weigh me?

No. After having coached many, my experience is that too much focus on the scale can actually work against you in making progress towards optimum health. Measuring progress with a focus on measurements is detrimental to your mental health and often only motivates for a short amount of time. Instead I suggest you focus on other, non-scale, victories you are achieving by changing your diet. This can be for example feeling more energized, sleeping better, feeling less bloated, exercise/movement becomes less exhausting or your clothes starting to feel more comfortable.

Can I claim back consultation fees from my health insurance?

I am an Associate Registered Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society New Zealand and your insurance may cover (part of) consultation fees. Please refer to your insurance policy if and how much of the fees would be covered.

Will you be recommending and selling supplements?

As an independent nutritionist I do not sell supplements myself or am associated with certain brands. Therefor you can be assured I won’t prescribe you supplements for personal financial gains. At Coast Nutrition the focus is on getting all the nutrients that you need for optimum health from food. However, if you show deficiency symptoms or your diet analysis indicates that you are likely deficient in a nutrient, and it is not possible for you to achieve the recommended intake through foods alone, a dietary supplement may be beneficial. An example is a dietary supplement for strict vegans that includes calcium and vitamin B12. Another example is a folic acid supplement that is recommended for all women that have a pregnancy wish from 4 weeks before conception through to 12 weeks into pregnancy. Some conditions like ADHD or medications also increases the intake requirements of certain nutrients.

Do you also provide consultations via phone or video call?

Yes. You can choose whether you’d like to visit the practice in Stanmore Bay or arrange consultations through phone or video call, whatever suits your needs. You can book your (first) appointment here.

I am vegetarian, are your programs suitable for me?

Yes, through a balanced vegetarian way of eating, together with other lifestyle factors, you can reach your health goals and happy weight.

Other questions? Please reach out to me via the contact details or contact form here.

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