Baby and toddler

Being a parent is full of wonderful moments, but can also be a challenge! Especially when it comes to feeding and eating many parents wonder what is normal and “how to do it right”. How do you know your baby is truly ready to start with solids? What foods are appropriate and how much? How to avoid fussy eating or get them over a picky stage? What kind of setting encourages eating and turns it in enjoyable moments in the day? As a mother of two Sanne knows all about the reality of life as a parent and understands that time (and sleep!) is precious. Taking away the worries about what and how your child eats can make a world of difference to your family’s life.

During individual consultations we can explore more into detail your personal situation and preferences. Alternatively, a more general session with your coffee group has the benefit of the joy of exploring together and a lower fee per person. For coffee group talks please request a quote via

Consultation fees:

  • Initial consultation (1 to 1½ hour): $160,-
  • Follow up consultation (45 minutes): $75,-
  • Group talks: quote on request via

Book a consultation online here (no payment required at booking). If you can’t or prefer not to come to a consultation in person you can also book a video consultation via Skype or we can meet in Coast Nutrition’s online meeting room via Whereby or Zoom.

During the pandemic Alert Level 2 it is still encouraged to book video consultations rather than in person consultations, but if you wish you can now visit the practice in person. Video consultations are offered permanently to suit your lifestyle and time schedule.

Read more about the Coast Nutrition virtual Q&A coffee group below.

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