To stay fully engaged in life as we grow older it is of course of uppermost importance to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. The right nutrition, together with other simple life style habits, can assist you in growing old gracefully and happy. Examples are eating a heart healthy diet to stay fit and mobile or to keep your marbles together at a later stage in life. Or see how nutrition can help with keeping your joints healthy and your tummy from bloating. Enjoy those golden years!

Consultation fees (in person or via video chat):

  • Initial consultation (1 to 1½ hour): $160,-
  • Follow up consultation (45 minutes): $75,-

Book a consultation online here (no credit card required at booking). If you can’t or prefer not to come to a consultation in person you can also book a video consultation via Skype or we can meet in Coast Nutrition’s online meeting room via Whereby or Zoom.

During the pandemic Alert Level 2 it is still encouraged to book video consultations rather than in person consultations, but if you wish you can now visit the practice in person. Video consultations are offered permanently to suit your lifestyle and time schedule.

Watch the latest free video resource: Nutrition & Lifestyle to support immune function.

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