Being an adolescent or young adult is an exciting life stage during which you should feel like the sky is the limit and the future holds promising possibilities. It is a time in which relationships are being redefined, responsibilities grow, your body changes and future plans are taking shape. Unfortunately, during this time adolescents and young adults may also feel intense pressure from studying, sports, work, family, friends and media that can be conflicting with their developing ideas of who they are. You can feel overwhelmed and anxious taking on life what can result in a negative spiral. The right nutrition can support to feel energized, think clearly, bring hormones in balance and feel confident and happy in your own skin.

What to expect:

During the first consultation (1½ hour) we’ll talk about your current lifestyle and issues you’d like to address. We’ll investigate practical solutions and draw a plan that works for you and is sustainable in your specific situation. Follow up consults (45 minutes) are often beneficial to guide you in transitioning to a different diet and lifestyle.

One-on-one consultations have the advantage of an individualized approach. However, if you have a group of friends wanting to learn together about a specific topic (e.g. how nutrition can affect sports performance, skin health or academic performance) a group workshop has the benefit of your friends’ support and the sheer fun of learning together. For group workshops contact to discuss your requirements.

Consultation fees:

  • Initial consultation (1 to 1½ hour): $160,-
  • Follow up consultation (45 minutes): $75,-
  • Group talks: quote on request via

Book a consultation online here (no payment required at booking). If you can’t or prefer not to come to a consultation in person you can also book a video consultation via Skype or we can meet in Coast Nutrition’s online meeting room via Whereby or Zoom.

During the pandemic Alert Level 2 it is still encouraged to book video consultations rather than in person consultations, but if you wish you can now visit the practice in person. Video consultations are offered permanently to suit your lifestyle and time schedule.

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