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Habit-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching to achieve optimum health and weight. The right nutrition can, combined with other aspects in life, assist in achieving a myriad of health goals so you can feel healthy, happy, energetic and comfortable at every stage in life.

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Before your first consultation you’ll be asked to fill out an online intake form with your personal details and your medical history. This will be kept strictly confidential.

During your initial consultation ( 1 to 1½ hour ) we’ll talk about the main issues you’d like to address. This can range from feeling more energized, emotional eating, loosing weight, regaining a normal relationship with food without binging and guilt or toning down some PMS or menopausal symptoms to keeping your marbles together at a later stage in life. We’ll explore your relationship with food, habits and factors in your direct environment that possibly influence your well being (eg emotional eating, sugar cravings, digestive health, overeating, stress factors etc), and discuss practical recommendations for diet and lifestyle adjustments, tailored to you, that will address these.

A full diet analyses will show any shortfalls or excess in nutrients that influence your physical or mental well being. This also gives me a good overview of the types of foods and drinks you are used to so that recommendations can be made that fit your life and therefor are sustainable without relapse.

What is next?

After your first consultation and diet analyses you’ll receive a written summary with recommendations and I’ll follow up with you over the phone. During the accountability & guidance program the underlying habits and environmental factors that are keeping you from reaching your well-being goals are addressed in a step-by-step manner. We will do this by working on lasting habit changes to achieve long term positive well being outcomes.

To coach you through your diet and lifestyle changes we’ll meet fortnightly (30-45 minutes) with a “check-in” phone call (15 minutes) in between to keep you on track. This motivates to stick to your new habits and gives the opportunity to discuss unexpected barriers that you’ll need a strategy for to prevent relapse.

Support from your direct environment is critical in achieving your goals. Therefor you’re always most welcome to bring a support person to consultations if you wish. For your initial consultation please bring along any blood test results and medication or supplements you may be using.

Consultation packages (in person or Skype/Zoom/Whereby):

10 week accountability & guidance package
  • Initial consultation (1 to 1½ hours)
  • Full diet analysis
  • Written summary & practical recommendations
  • 4 Follow up appointments (30-45 minutes)
  • 5 “check-in” phone calls (10-15 minutes)
  • $649,-
One-off consultation
  • Consultation, duration 1 to 1½ hours
  • Full diet analysis
  • Written summary & practical recommendations
  • $179,-

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