Weight management

Get to your happy weight through real nutrition and lifestyle changes and keep it that way! At Coast Nutrition we take a habit & mindset changing approach and help you regain a normal relationship with food, so that you’ll achieve permanent results.

Dieting makes you feel deprived from the foods you love the most, worry about social occasions, feel bad about yourself when not sticking to the plan, tired of constantly thinking of what the next meal should be or letting an app dictate your life. I get it if that is not how you want to live!

But what is then a better approach to achieving and maintaining your happy weight? When it comes to your weight there is more to consider than the foods you eat. Your physique, reasons for eating, emotional & hormonal landscape (hello binging and stress eating!), medications/supplement use and your environment together determine your personal approach to weight management in order for your body to settle at a healthy weight range. Because all these factors differ from person to person there is no “one size fits all” approach to weight loss and it is important to get a full picture of influences that affect your body weight and shape. Because knowing is not always doing, you may benefit from working with me to guide you and keep you accountable until your new habits have set in. This is not a quick, meal-plan based, weight loss challenge, but rather a healthy way of reaching your happy weight in a more gentle and maintainable way.

Book here or continue reading about what to expect from an initial consultation:

Before your first consultation (1 to 1½ hour, which can take place in person or online) you’ll be asked to fill out an online intake form with your personal details and your medical history. This will be kept strictly confidential.

If found useful, a full diet analyses will show any shortfalls or excess in nutrients that influence the body’s ability to use body fat as fuel. This also gives me a good overview of the types of foods and drinks you are used to so that recommendations can be made that fit your life and therefor are sustainable without relapse.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss your relationship with food and your emotional and hormonal landscape (hello sugar cravings and overeating), as this largely affects our ability to settle within our ideal weight range. If found beneficial you’ll receive practical recommendations for diet and lifestyle adjustments tailored to you to get back in touch with what your body and mind really need. This is often a barrier that is hard to overcome and requires a step-by-step approach to achieve. The guidance and accountability program are especially recommended if this seems to be your biggest issue.

What is next?

After your initial consultation and diet analyses you’ll receive a written summary with practical recommendations and I’ll follow up with you over the phone.

Wanting more support and coaching? During the accountability & guidance program the underlying habits and environmental factors that are keeping you from reaching your goals are addressed in a step-by-step manner. We will not do this by focusing on body measurements and following a strict meal plan or food restrictions, but by working on lasting habit changes to achieve long term positive well being outcomes. These will not only affect your body shape, but also how you feel in your day to day life.

To coach you through your diet and lifestyle changes we’ll meet fortnightly (30-45 minutes) with a “check-in” phone call (15 minutes) in between to keep you on track. This motivates to stick to your new habits and gives the opportunity to discuss unexpected barriers that you’ll need a strategy for to prevent relapse.

Consultation packages (in person or Skype/Zoom/Whereby):

10 weeks accountability & guidance program, $649,-: Initial consultation (60-90 minutes, valued at $179,-), written summary and action plan, four follow-up sessions (30-45 minutes) scheduled fortnightly with accountability phone calls (15 minutes) in between.

Is this right for you? The answer is “YES!”, if:

  • You’ve learned that dieting does not work, but are unsure how to achieve a weight that you feel physically and mentally best at in a sustainable way
  • You are ready to let go of false hopes and weight rebound disappointments from dieting and meal plans
  • You feel like you need to break excessive snacking habits, but need guidance in how to achieve this permanently
  • You are done with dreading to eat the foods you love and want to learn how to incorporate them in your life without it standing in the way of your weight goals
  • You do not want to eat anymore what you think you should be eating, but want to learn how to eat what you truly enjoy and fits into your real life, in a way that helps you to achieve your weight goals.
  • You can find yourself in a step-by-step approach to break old habits permanently and find your sustainable happy weight along the way. You realize that it may take a prolonged time to shift away from your current eating behaviors and that results may not be visible within a few weeks.
  • You are open to try a non-scale approach and instead are keen to focus on how you physically and mentally FEEL.
  • You are open to look beyond your eating habits and are prepared to look into other aspects in your life that may inhibit you from getting to your happy weight.

Want to chat to see whether we would be a good fit? Leave your details below to book in your FREE 15 minutes discovery call to discuss whether this is right for you.

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